Finding Gratitude in College

As September rolls around so many families and individuals make ready for and settle into another school year. We share this with you as helpful reminders to fully embrace your educational experience of body, mind, soul within an academic journey. After this journey, having rooted these practices will carry over into other aspects of your […]

Finding Home

David W. Berner, (Bio on our Community page), has been inspiring many readers and aspiring writers as well. With several published books, a strong following with his Writer Shed Stories, now going on Volume 3, is how Esperanza Smith, Founder of PureEsperanza and David first connected through Chicago Writer’s Association. David possesses an uncanny ability […]

Harnessing Energy

Republished here from a few years ago and written by our Founder, Esperanza Smith. It’s a testimony to the discoveries we make that anchor our foundation to navigate our destiny. Filled with the Fire Sun-Power in another season that you get to experience now. Safe adventures on your well-being journeying. We all have felt a […]

The Science Behind Nutrition, Health, And Relaxation

As summer arrives, outdoor gatherings, grilling and sweet times settle in, we bring you this just in the nick of time. Once again, this month, share this nutrition based-blog to help you consider your optimal health and vitality. We are pleased to share an informative blog from Ross D is a lifestyle blogger who aspires […]

Take Control: Five Steps to Improving Your Body and Mind

This month we hope you can derive some useful and basic tips that may be helpful for your Well-Being journey. Whatever has come into your awareness and no matter where you are at in understanding and integrating a holistic approach to your well-being, you can get started and/or incorporate simple practices that may work for […]

The Journey Without A Finish Line

 In this season of celebrating and gifting Love, Balaka Ghosal gifts us with her third piece in this series. It is one of those timeless pieces that goes “Beyond Valentine – Infusing Love Into Everydayness” as was shared in our new virtual event series earlier this month: “Weaving Stories Of Your WellBeing”. Balaka is our esteemed […]

Embracing Wildness for a New Year of Holistic Healing

Passion and vision describe Leah Pisaruck well! She is the epitomy of intelligent, fresh perspectives on caring for and preserving our earth.  She clears a path, into the wild of a new future,  filled with hope. Leah holds the voice of courage for the next generation with a deep sense of stewardship, a connection to […]

Without A Finish Line

So, we now draw upon the closing of the year 2020 and all that became realized in relatively a short span of time. We will look back at what seems to be lke a blur. Similarly, we run or have watched runners race and it all passes by rather swiftly. This month, Balaka Ghosal shares [...]

The Belief of Believe

First written in the holiday season of 2018, as one of those inspirations that births out of the ethers with particularly no beginining nor end. Brought to you, Now, in the holiday season of 2020 that we are all sure to remember for years to come and Believing even more! We have come to this […]

Do You Have An Ikigai?

Balaka B. Ghosal connected with our Community (scroll down) back in September 2020. Her unique gifts as a writer, eco-spiritual-healing, educator, creative, empath were intriguing to say the least. Yet, it was her way of telling a story that really got us talking and discovering more about one another. A few months have passed and [...]

5 Ways to Empower Your Mind, Body, and Soul While Aging

Dana Brown, from Miami FL and the creator of Health Conditions, found us on the web. Dana has 15 years of caregiving experience, and after seeing some patterns of poor health she became determined to help inform people about healthy living. She created, to provide Internet users with helpful content and resources that will lead [...]

New Moon In Virgo

Whether you follow the wisdom of the stars or not, we could not wait to share this Master Astrologer,Ryan Evans’,reading for this month! There are valuable insights that may be of significant importance for you. You can also learn about all his beautiful services and how he, too, is serving our planet on our Community […]

Knowing We Have Come From Stardust

It is a joy to share with you a poem this month by Lisa Rothman, “Dreaming Ace”, who is a freelance blogger, poet, and storyteller. Her poem is timely at any moment that hope and faith are challenged. During a time in our history that will be marked by the global unrest with the pandemic, […]

Doodle Reflection: Thinking Inside the Box

It’s always a joy collaborating with Karen Light, artist and illustrator, owner of Studio Light Illustration, mentoring and coaching other creatives! Karen is our guest blogger this month, storytelling, sharing insights into our creativity, and offering effective ways to transcend limitations. You can read more about her on our Community page and stay tuned for […]


With our economy re-opening, social outcry, systems collapsing and opening up to more unknowns, our Founder Esperanza Smith was inspired to write this piece as PureEsperanza prepares a virtual platform for El Hogar, an international center for conscious education. Learn more about Esperanza Smith as a holistic educator, writer, and motivational speaker on her personal […]

The Gift of Anxiety

In first meeting Royce Morales there was a instant connection and familiar feeling of of understanding the same language. Her Love and enthusiasm, for her work was evident. Her years of commitment, walking her path, and awakenings have been clear contributors to what she shares as a spiritual teacher. Royce generously offers her guest blog […]

Twilight’s Glimpses

In her descriptive style of writing, PureEsperanza’s Founder, Esperanza Smith, refelects on a pandemic’s dawn, capturing the encounter experienced in the presence of birth, and death, and Life ever-unfolding. Reposted here from her website where you can learn more about her. It has been two months into the Covid-19 pandemic. There have been many changes. […]

At A Cellular Level, Every Single Human Depends On Positivity To Survive

Positive connections is what connected us with Jenn Maronek! After having read this impactful article connecting science and spirit to our well-being, we reached out to Jenn to ask for her permission to share and post this important article here for you. Her passion and our mission are strongly aligned and we are happy to […]

Like Cures Like: Homeopathy

In a week of rapid revelations and change, we are going strong to keep bringing more holistic preventative tools to empower you and get through this time of COVID-19. Today we share and perhaps, introduce you to homeopathy and ideas of how “like cures like”. Do you believe your body can heal itself? If you […]

Good Medicine: Essential Oils

We have surely heard that we are living in unprecedented times, but not only because of COVID. Think, we have abundant resources that are available and accessible to much of the population. In other times, this was not so, and people could not get “medicine”. True, the COVID virus strains’ codes have not yet been […]

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