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PureEsperanza founded in 2017. It began as a blog website. Weekly writings were rooted in the heart of holistic education, sharing Wisdom from a culmination of many universal and spiritual teachings, and our learning to become Creators of Life through empowering consciousness and the art of well-Being, also known as the art of living.

As is Consciousness, expands! It began to offer a community page of resources with other aligned services and art. Further evolving, emerged, once again, a vision of a holistic center for consciousness education, its Founder received in her youth. PureEsperanza became a nonprofit organization in 2019 with its vision being realized in the present transformation we are living in.

Our Mission

PureEsperanza is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind and soul in the art of well-being.

Our Vision

PureEsperanza offers a holistic approach in both our communities and across the world that empower each of us to effectively live more creative and fulfilled lives through its center, programs, services, materials and events. PureEsperanza creates and facilitates a theme of hope, supports the development of individuals, our collective communities, and our world, and acts as an agent of and for transformation. 


  • We are Creators of Life.
  • Our Imagination is our Creative Power.
  • Consciousness is Ever Expanding in All Life.
  • We are what we Believe.
  • We, All Life, are intrinsically Interconnected.
  • We see the Whole mirrored in the Reflections of All.


We are thankful for the energy momentum of PureEsperanza Board of Directors! We are ecstatic to have these genuine and brilliantly creative individuals taking up the work of growing PureEsperanza. Thank you for sharing our Mission and Vision with unified hope of greater consciousness for All.

steven smith, esperanza

Board President


Steven Smith received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps after four years of service, remaining in the USMC Ready Reserve for another eight years. After discharge, he started his career by purchasing a small printing business. While attending college, he fostered the business into a multimillion-dollar company. With his strong desire to do the right thing, Steven sold the business after five years to spend more time with his new family. Over the next years, Steven was recognized within the manufacturing industry as a leader, planner, and a builder of strong performing teams. His positions include leadership roles in Financial Forecasting, Production Forecasting, Strategic Planning, and International Production Control and Logistics for a Global Automotive OEM supplier. He is currently serving as Corporate Manager of Integrated Tactical Planning, IBP, directing planning and manufacturing for a provider of premium product labels to Fortune 500 beverage, food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies across North America. Steven’s strong desire to be mindful, aware and present have led him on his path. He is a strong believer in empowerment, and building the strengths of those around him.

Board Member, Executive Director & Founder


Esperanza Smith is a holistic healer & educator, published author, writer, artist and Founder of PureEsperanza, NFP. She studied & trained in Waldorf Education & human development, and has taught holistic education for 25+ yrs. Her love for life-long learning has lead her to study in traditional and non-traditional educational institutions that include studies in healing, metaphysics, spiritual science, religions, mysticism, esotericism, philosophies, psychology, biodynamics, nutrition, alternative medicines, and the arts.  Esperanza’s teaching includes Waldorf schools, Spanish-foreign language programs, charter school programs, homeschooling collectives, private tutoring, prenatal & natural childbirth classes, adult enrichment programs, people with disabilities, life skills, job readiness, parent workshops, national conferences, community events and private consultation. She has served as a Director of independent charter school programs, an award-winning after school art program, and as an Administrator of a private school. Esperanza’s professional career has included social services, nonprofits, faculty chair Board work, operations, and human resources. She is the author and illustrator of Girl Seeking Pearls and other inspired writings. Presently, she serves as the Executive Director of PureEsperanza wearing many hats. Esperanza is a mother, grandmother, Life partner, and a soul with a committment to the Consciousness movement, holistic wellbeing, energy medicine of our future, and serving humanity in this evolutionary time of rapid transformations with a vision to dream a new world into being.

Board Secretary


Isaac R. Betanzos is a novel writer specialized in Quantum Psychology, with an academical background in research & Psychology. Originally from Spain, he has lived and cooperated in projects across different countries, such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Greece and the Czech Republic. He graduated with honors in Clinical, Educational & Organizational Psychology in Spain, just before moving abroad. While living in England, Isaac completed a MRes in Research Methods in Psychology, in which dissertation the concepts of Quantum Psychology were first ever tested.

An active public speaker, member of Toastmasters International, with a multi-curricular career and actively involved with different NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and charity projects, such as the Do It With Boldness Foundation, focused in the empowerment and equality spectrum. With almost 20 years studying consciousness and existentialism from different perspectives and approaches, PureEsperanza vision to empower and promote self-awareness about our individual potential and powers shares most of Isaac’s own beliefs and principles, shared throughout his work.

Having cooperated in projects and webinars in the past, it was mutually agreed to join forces, inviting Isaac to become a board member to help with the ongoing projects and growth of PureEsperanza. “The aim is to explore and share ideas to increase our knowledge and self-belief towards achieving the highest version of our own individual consciousness, born from the collective energy that links all of us as beings. Combining Positive Psychology and Quantum Physics, through Quantum Psychology we will be able to re-think time, space, and interpersonal connections the way we do.”

Board Member


Dan Mangena is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and public speaker. He is completely self-made having spent decades perfecting his world-class coaching methodology. His books, podcasts, events & retreats continue to help captains-of-industry and private individuals alike live an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life. He offers many unique and effective free tools via his website.” –The Wall St Journal, “Masters of Success” (2020)

Daniel has created a simple, four-step system called the Beyond Intention Paradigm, authored several books, “Do it With Dan”, has a podcast series, and all have all helped thousands across the globe, in addition to coaching, being an outspoken promoter of entrepreneurial philanthropy, an ambassador for the Mangena Foundation, and working with charities across the globe.

“PureEsperanza felt to me to be a manifestation of a charity wholly aligned with my mission to spearhead an uplift in universal consciousness.”

Board Member


“The values upheld by PureEsperanza resonates with my belief in the oneness of all humankind in the seeking of peace and love. PureEsperanza’s mission of educating others and growing this positivism is powerful to me. I’m gracefully aligned to it. It is my way of giving towards this beautiful movement. My business journey is based on the idea of giving and serving. Helping this good cause gives me a closeness with my inner peace. I’m looking forward to growing with PureEsperanza to help this beautiful organization reach its full potential.”

Balaka Ghosal is trained to do all of the writing styles that help improve online visibility—blogs, emails, newsletter planning, optin and sales funnel with A&B testing, social media promotions etc. around marketing needs, fundraising, and event planning. As a copywriter, she can share ideas and help create content for the newsletter, emails, fundraisers, press releases and promoting organically on social media and monitor the application and progress.(Ful Bio on Community page)

Board Treasurer

Treasurer position inquires, please email: pureesperanza8@gmail.com.


Advisory Council

We are honored to introduce to you our newly formed Advisory Council, all outstanding individuals and professionals, lending their expertise to the mission of PureEsperanza.

Caterina DeFalco is the Founder of Return to The Table, a movement to help families connect and heal by educating on the art of the family dinner tradition. She is an author, speaker, coach and Certified Financial Planner for 27 years dealing with family legacy and wealth.

Kurt Krueger has been sharing holistic approaches for peak performance in life since the 1970’s. From sharing Stress Management at the United Nations to Peak Performance Practices at the Olympic Scientific Congress and training secondary school teachers in Peak Performance for Academics and Sports and has been blessed to do so on 5 continents. Kurt is also a best-selling author, speaker, and educator.

Gary Hensel brings both his knowledge of business and wisdom as a former Director of Human Resources for an international manufacturing corporation and 20 years in academia as a tenured Professor and Department Chair of Business, Management and Marketing with McHenry College. Gary is an author, including London’s PowerHouse Global Charities group “Author of the Year”, teaching and writing about wisdom, new thought movement, and growth mindset.

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