Good Medicine: Essential Oils

We have surely heard that we are living in unprecedented times, but not only because of COVID. Think, we have abundant resources that are available and accessible to much of the population. In other times, this was not so, and people could not get “medicine”. True, the COVID virus strains’ codes have not yet been completely cracked. However, there are known and available preventative tools, “good medicines”, that have always been here for us and have continued to be throughout the eons.

As we find ourselves adjusting to the changes we are facing world-wide, our country, our city, our communities, and right in our own neighborhood, and we find ourselves still learning how to live with COVID strains, let us not overlook all the preventative “tools”, what we term here as “good medicine”, that we have access to.

This week, we have already looked at Well-Being mindsets, the Four Elements and Healing Foods and Herbs that all are “good medicine”. Today, we will take a look at some essential oils that can also support and strengthen our efforts in preventative measures for dealing with COVID-19.

Although we call essential oils “good medicine”, we are not offering medical advice. This is not a comprehensive list, nor do we claim that the oils named here are the only essential oils. Remember that plants and how our own biological make-up work together are unique, and the quality of the essential oils are also a factor in their effectiveness. Get your essential oils from a reputable source. Make sure they are a high quality extraction such as Sacred Egyptian Essential Oils offered at PureEsperanza Shop  online, created specifically to work with each chakra (energy center). doTERRA is another reliable source that can be found in stores and through their consultants.

Here is a helpful list of only a few to get you started. These essential oils, considered to have anti-viral properties, have been recognized for their prevention and healing in other times of wide spread epidemics such as the bubonic plague. We encourage you to explore, experiment and be attentive to the oils that you feel a strong connection with. Plants have a way of finding us.

Eucalyptus – preventative, reduces fever and fights viruses

Clove antiviral and antifungal properties to clean surfaces or air

Cinnamon – cleans surfaces or air

Tea Tree Oil – inhibits bacteria and fights infections

Grapefruit – antimicrobial, destroying or suppressing bacteria, plus increasing energy and enhancing mood

Lemon Grass – an antibacterial and antioxidant

Frankincense – antiseptic, antioxidant, stimulate immune system, eliminates surface or airborne bacteria

Several of these essential oils are known for clearing and supporting the respiratory system, as well. Essential oils have become more widely used in aromatherapy. In addition, they have become more popular by being used with a diffuser. However, their effectiveness for purposes of preventative “good medicine” would be to rub on chests, wrists, top & bottom of feet, and other known reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure energy centers. Note, that the potency of essential oil extractions may cause skin irritations depending on people’s individual skin sensitivity and can be cut with other oils to minimize a reaction (e.g. coconut oil, almond oil).

So, explore an evening of tranquil time with an essential oil. Create a spa-like, self-care atmosphere for yourself. Breathe in the aroma. Ease into the holistic, preventative and “good medicine” you are healing with. Enjoy the aromatherapy, too, and let it ease your mind and any stress in your body. Let plant wisdom and your body, mind and soul effectively work together, during this time we will get through, perhaps, a bit wiser.

Stay safe. Be well.

[Photo: Chelsea Shapouri]

Post by Esperanza

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