A Path to Pause

A Path to Pause     Photo by: Esperanza Smith

She hurried along preoccupied by the tasks waiting for her that day, estimating the time, running through her mind’s checklist. First it was the color that caught her eye, then the smell of autumn leaves falling with the gentle wind passing by. She looked toward what seemed to be calling her, loudly, yet, in total silence. A beckoning path opened up before her and she could not deny the invitation. At that very moment of her choosing, as she proceeded down the path, time ceased to be relevant. The following moments were captured in a series of breaths, inhaling and exhaling awe and wonder, noticing how her heart pumped with excitement. The sunlight shone upon each angle of any view she held, revealing its own individual story and she was struck by the revelation of a seemingly ordinary day, places often walked past, shouting infinite possibilities… of any given moment.

Post by Esperanza

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